It was unquestionably wonderful to see all of our children back at school last Friday. As I have said to some parents – a school is not a school without children! The smiles on your faces and those of the children were precious. I felt so excited and proud to be part of our school community and to being WPS’s principal. We are generating a terrific reputation for meeting and challenging the needs of every child and as a result we have increased our enrolment to 394 children.

I have been most impressed with the hours of preparation that the staff have put into ensuring a great start to the school year for your children.

The teachers were involved in two professional learning days – one on Writing/Spelling and the other on Student Health and Wellbeing. Every Tuesday all of our staff are involved in professional learning to continually improve their knowledge, skills and instructional practice. Teachers must have a repertoire of skills to meet and challenge the needs of every child.

During the holidays –as per the norm – we continued to make improvements to our beautiful school environment and to complete holiday maintenance. Thank you to those of you who have noticed and acknowledged the improvements.

We welcome new staff to our school:

Laura Mackfall – Foundation Laura worked at our school for some time in 2014

Danielle McDowell – Visual Art/Design Technology Danielle also worked at our school last year replacing Louise Reid who went on family leave.

Amanda McLean – Year 5 teacher

Carli Starkey – Year 1 teacher

Stacey Powell – Year 1 teacher

Joanne Vitale – Year 2 teacher

Emma Walsh – Year 3 teacher

Lynne Tolmay – Year 4 teacher

We have also employed our new Chinese teacher – Ms Chong – who will teach the foundation children Mandarin as well as a year 4, 5, 6 Elective Chinese class. The selection of children for the Chinese Elective will occur in the next week or so.

We also welcomed back Erin Maher this week to assist with the foundation assessments before she goes overseas.



Kindest regards,

Bente Stock