Passion Projects

Whittlesea Primary School offers a Passion Project program once a year. This program runs for five consectutive weeks after school from 3.15 – 4.30 pm. The program is for children who display a talent, skill or interest in a variety of fields. The purpose of this program is to extend your children’s learning, interest and current skill set.

In 2014, the following were offered to our children: Karate, Dance, Photography, Cartooning, ’A School of Swords,’ ‘So you think you can craft ‘and Cooking.

Here are blurbs for each project as they were presented to students this year…

Beginners Dance Passion Project

Foundation to Year 6 Ms Redmond

Students from Foundation to Year Six are invited to enrol in Whittlesea Primary Schools beginners dance class. This class will cover two genres of dance including classical ballet and modern jazz. In classical ballet students will learn ballet positions of the feet and arms, work on developing correct posture, and learn general ballet steps. The modern jazz component will cover timing, strength and flexibility and general jazz steps. A small performance will be held for parents during the last class and at our weekly assembly. This class is open to students with minimal to no dance experience. Please note students do not require any special dance uniform or shoes for this class – it is recommended they wear comfortable clothing such as leggings and t-shirts.

Photography Passion Project

Foundation to Year 6 Mrs Pantos

Do you love taking pictures? Then photography might be the answer you’re looking for! You will have the opportunity to show your creativity through the lens of a camera. Photography gives you the chance to take your very own photographs, edit them to something different and create collages. In Photography you will learn how to use a digital camera and all the special functions that all your friends won’t know how to use. You will learn how to edit to make photographs brighter or darker, smaller or bigger and you will also learn how to make object stand out, while blurring the background. If you choose photography, you will learn how to use all these functions and your imagination to create the most interesting photograph.

Photography is both exciting and fun!


Cartooning & Animation Passion Project

Foundation to Year 6 Brett Cardwell (Cardy)

One of Brett’s favourite things about his job as a cartoonist is teaching kids how to draw.

In this lesson Brett will be teaching the basics of cartooning as well as covering caricatures and different styles.

In the last 2 sessions the kids will be learning the art of stop motion animation which is an amazing amount of fun!

Brett’s work is visible in many areas of our school including the mural outside the early years building, the office foyer and other external areas.

Karate Passion Project

Foundation to Year 6 GKR

This is a new Safety Awareness and Anti- Bullying Initiative that GKR is conducting. GKR Karate is a well-established family organisation that has been serving Melbourne for over twenty years. This Safety Awareness and Anti-Bullying Initiative aims to introduce the positive aspects of karate to children with a heavy emphasis on non-violence, self-esteem building and respect for others. These qualities are intrinsic in the Marital Arts teachings and children develop greater self-confidence and leadership skills. Aside from these improvements, karate is also a great physical activity that can enhance both physical and mental co-ordination.

Drama Passion Project

Foundation to Year 6  Ms Kaur   

All year levels are welcome to participate in the drama workshops. The learning intention for these workshops will be for students to confidently express their thoughts and feelings through drama. The lessons will provide students with strategies to express their emotions in ways that they never thought was possible. They will be involved in using body movement, gestures, and voice to persuade and engage their audience. The passion project will embrace the creativity of all students and encourage them to further develop their skills.

This passion project will not only cater for those students fond of the stage, students can also participate in acquiring the following skills: production management, costume design, set design and script writing.

This passion project will paint an accurate picture for students who want to jump into the world of theatre. Sign up and prepare to entertain!!

So you think you can craft Passion Project

Year 3 to Year 6   Miss Goetzke   

Do you love to craft? Do you enjoy painting and drawing? Are you always keen to explore some new craft ideas and learn about different techniques? Then this passion project is for you!

We will be exploring different craft techniques such as painting pictures with different colours, making pictures from crayon shavings, exploring origami and many more!

Intrigued? Then come along to this passion project that is all about nurturing your artistic talent and having fun when creating some amazing art pieces

Cooking Passion Project

Foundation to Year 6  Mrs Pearce

Students with a talent and passion for cooking are invited to take part in this project inspired by Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals.  Students will learn to independently create and cook delicious meals for their family and friends to enjoy.

Students will learn to cook nutritious, healthy meals in in fun and engaging way using a variety of ingredients.  The activities will link to literacy (reading of recipes) mathematics (number and measurement), science and health and physical education (health knowledge and promotion) at all levels.

Students will learn about all aspects of food preparation, gathering ingredients and preparing a workspace, preparing ingredients and cooking.   By the end of the program, students will have learnt how to cook a day’s worth of meals.

Please note that there will be an extra charge of $15 per child to cover the cost of ingredients.  Please inform Mrs Pearce of any dietary requirements/allergies.