Our School

Detailed Overview

Whittlesea Primary School is located in a picturesque township just south of the Great Dividing Range, 39 km north of Melbourne, and only eight minutes drive beyond the northern suburbs.

Our priority at Whittlesea is to meet and challenge the individual learning needs of your children and to enhance their learning opportunities and achievement.

Whittlesea Primary School’s underlying philosophy is to facilitate lifelong development and growth of children so that they can achieve their full potential as individuals and as members of a healthy and productive community.

Parents, students and staff are strongly encouraged to work together in partnership recognising our shared values of community, confidence, honesty, excellence, and respect to support this improvement. As a community of learners, it is our mission to be the best that we can be and to build social capital for student success.

It is the responsibility of teachers to provide a seamless education – Foundation (Year Prep) to Year 6 and further, that offers high quality educational programs relevant to children’s individual needs. Our curriculum is designed to enable students to attain the AusVELS (Australian – Victorian Essential Learning Standards) which have been designed by the Department of Education and Training (DET) in accordance with the new National Curriculum.

Meet the Principal

Hello, my name is Ty Hoggins and I am the Principal at Whittlesea Primary School. On behalf of all the staff and the Assistant Principal, Rae Gittos we welcome you to explore this website. You will learn about the innovative programs and learning opportunities we provide at our wonderful school.

The students are at the centre of everything we do at Whittlesea Primary School, with a commitment to academic achievement, social and emotional development and the advancement of 21st century skills. At the forefront of our school’s direction is a dedication toward preparing our children for their future. Through innovative programs such as passion projects, elective and career programs and personalised learning approaches that embrace the inquiry learning approach, children at Whittlesea Primary School learning through doing.

Our teachers are dedicated, talented educators who strive to meet the individual learning needs of each and every child. With comprehensive specialist programs including Physical Education, Music, Art and Chinese (Mandarin) we offer a comprehensive curriculum in accordance with the latest Victorian Curriculum.

A visit to our school will showcase the outstanding large spaces we enjoy. Our children collaborate in engaging, rich outstanding learning spaces, well-resourced with large screen displays, ‘soundfield’ audio systems and more. Recreation areas are expansive, allowing our children opportunities to be active without overcrowding. We take great pride in our schools presentation.

Whittlesea Primary School has a proud history, being a pillar of the Whittlesea community for over 100 years. Our commitment is to continue this proud history with strong community engagement and partnerships. Our children are taught the values of Community, Confidence, Honesty, Excellence and Respect and we are insistent on these values being lived each and every day.

Warm regards,

Ty Hoggins

Student Leadership

Student leadership at Whittlesea Primary School comes in many forms and is open to students in different year levels. Student leadership is not only about formal ‘leadership’ programs. Students can be leaders in the classroom, through their actions in the playground, through their support for others, or their involvement in academic, sporting, or local community events.

Whittlesea Primary School is proud of its two school captains and two vice captains. Some of the roles and responsibilities for school captains include running assembly each Monday morning and representing the school in community events, such as the ANZAC Day March.

There are other leadership opportunities for students in Year 6. One example of this is the elected school prefects. These students are responsible for assisting with school events and activities, such as twilight sports events and The Woolworths Earn and Learn Program. They have also formed a Student Action Team to develop leadership skills and plan for real action across the school.

Students in Years 4 to 6 will be provided with the opportunity to be part of the – ‘Community Leaders Program.’ This is comparable to ‘work experience’ and provides our students with an insight into other aspects of the ‘work’ that is completed in schools by the administration staff and teachers. This program will also help to enhance our students’ leadership ability, sense of responsibility and self-confidence and also develop their skills in the areas of communication, time management and independence.

Students also have the opportunity to be elected to be part of the Student Representative Council (SRC). Each class elects one student to be their class representative. These students meet weekly to organise various fundraising events.

A role all students can nominate for is to be a Lifesaver which involves patrolling the ‘beach’ (sandpit) at the front of the school. They are responsible for ensuring that the ‘beach’ is a safe and fun place for students.

Track Marshals

In response to the children’s love of playing with match box cars and the like, Whittlesea Primary School constructed a car track and car ramps. The track has ramps, bridges, roads, and tunnels. Track Marshals are children who volunteer their time to ensure children play co-operatively and safely at the car track.

They support and model for the children the importance of sharing and playing together. The children chosen to be ‘Track Marshals’ have proven to be excellent role models for the younger children in particular, and have done a terrific job in leading them at the car track.


The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of one student elected from each class to represent the children’s voices in our school. The SRC meets weekly to discuss what is happening at school. At the beginning of each term the SRC decides on charitable causes to support and runs various fundraising events, including dress up days, selling red noses for SIDS and organising whole school events such as discos.


The Lifesavers are children who volunteer some of their lunch or recess time to help monitor the beach (sandpit) area at Whittlesea Primary School. Lifesavers help to make sure that the beach is a fun and safe environment by taking care of toys, fetching water for children to play with and noticing children who are making good choices whilst playing. The lifesavers wear a special badge and vest so that the children playing can easily recognise them.

Health & Wellbeing

At Whittlesea Primary School our strategic goal is to develop a student centred, stimulating learning environment which promotes rigour, motivates and engages students in their learning. We also focus on the development of the whole child, catering for individual needs.

To help our children become the best they can be we have embraced a number of programs / approaches to develop a comprehensive student health and wellbeing program.

School Vision

At Whittlesea Primary School the student is at the centre of everything we do.  Our vision is to be an inclusive community where learning is highly valued.  We strive to develop and support the emotional, social and physical wellbeing of the whole child.  We create a positive climate for learning that encourages all children to become collaborative and innovative members of local and global communities.

School Values


The values of Whittlesea Primary School are

  • Community
  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Respect

These values are agreed expectations for everyone in our school community including students, teacher and parents.



The Fish philosophy originated from the fish markets of San Francisco. It involves the components:

  • Make Their Day
  • Play
  • Be There
  • Choose Your Attitude

We embrace this philosophy as a staff and across our entire school by making sure we live these four components in all that we do. Be it a Crazy Hair Day, ‘random acts of kindness’ or generally looking out for others, FISH has helped Whittlesea Primary School develop a culture for which we are proud.


At Whittlesea Primary School we are in the process of becoming a KidsMatter School. KidsMatter is a mental health and wellbeing framework for schools. It has been designed to develop social and emotional learning within students, promote co-operation between schools and their wider community and support students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties.

KidsMatter provides methods, tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy and well-adjusted students. We cannot predict which students will develop mental health difficulties, therefore we need to provide all students with strategies that allow them to deal with these difficulties as best as possible.

Mental health and wellbeing is an important part of life. It is essential that we provide our students with opportunities to learn how they can better manage their social and emotional health and allow them to have strong positive relationships with family members, school staff and peers.

Before & After School Care

Our school offers both Before and After School Care through the services of TheirCare.

The program services the children in the school from 7am in the morning until 9:00am and operates from 3:15pm each day until 6:30pm. Families wishing to use this service can visit the TheirCare website: http://theircare.com.au/. Families are also eligible for a Government rebate which reduces the cost per session. Further information can also be obtained by contacting the school or ringing TheirCare on: 1300 072 410 or the service coordinator 0447542696 during session times.

TheirCare provides a stimulating and safe environment for all children and an environment where children from and enjoy their time in their program. During sessions children develop life skills, friendships, confidence and creativity through play.