Maths Corner

Maths 2016 Term 3 Week 10

Maths Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners this week of the WPS Maths Competition!

This is our last week of our Maths Competition. Congratulations to all of our entrants over the past 5 weeks, you have all demonstrated some amazing learning!


Foundation: Thomas Habib     Year 1/2   Harrison Pentland

Year 1/2 (last week) Lara Parker   Coe     Year 5/6 No winner

Year 3/4 Braedon Aponso and Sophie Coe

Maths at home over the holidays

I encourage families to be mindful of maths in every day life and to embrace all opportunities to practise maths skills over the holidays. Have fun!!


Board games and Card games:- practice adding on, following rules and strategic thinking. Backgammon has been popular at school lately and requires adding two dice!!

Cooking and gardening:- using lots of measuring and reading of measurements on various tools and scales.

Time: Reading analogue and digital clocks. Reading timetables and calculating elapsed time. eg how long a movie goes for or how long the train will take, etc.

If you are traveling compare time zones and look at 24 hour time.

Puzzles:- jigsaws, tangrams, Sudoku

Money:- adding up money, calculating change and % discounts. If you are going overseas compare foreign currency and work out exchange rates and money equivalence in both currencies.

Maths 2016 Term 3 Week 6

Maths Competition Winners

Congratulations to our four winners this week of the

Whittlesea Primary School Maths Competition!

It was great to receive so many very neat and well presented entries.


Foundation: Pippa Coe                Year 1/2 Kip Grogan

Year 3/4 Isaac Justice           Year 5/6 Kate Gallenti

Remember that this week’s questions are available from your teachers and will also be posted on our school website and in the Primary Post.

This week’s entries are due in Friday September 2.    Good Luck and have fun!!!

2016 Term 3 Week 5

Maths Competition Winners

Congratulations to our four winners for the first week of the Whittlesea Primary School Maths Competition! It was great to receive so many entries.


Foundation: Tamsin Edwards     Year 1/2 Christian Payne.

Year 3/4 Darcy Chiodo           Year 5/6 Kelsey Hawking


Remember that this week’s questions are available from your teachers and will also be posted on our school website and in the Primary Post.

This week’s entries are due in Friday August 19. Good Luck and have fun!!!


Family Maths Night

  • Date: Wednesday 31st August
  • Time: 5:30pm to 7pm
  • Location: Early Years Learning Centre


As a part of the Literacy and Numeracy Week celebrations, Whittlesea Primary School staff have organised a fun and educational maths night.

Come with your children to the Early Years Learning Centre and be ready to enjoy an entertaining night of maths activities with your family.

Maths 2016 Term 3 Week 4

ICT Club has been operating in our school for a very long time now. Students can go to the library at first break every day and participate in playing interactive games on computers and iPads. ICT club has also provided opportunities for students to participate in Mathletics activities.

Mathletics is a great resource for students, allowing them to participate in challenging and engaging mathematics activities. The program on Mathletics is designed to suit the individual needs of students and offers differentiated tasks that can be set by teachers. Students complete the tasks and see their results, improved results are rewarded through a certificate system, encouraging students to keep completing more tasks. Research indicates that students who complete the online tasks in Mathletics at their level make significant gains in their achievement. Exceptional efforts of students are acknowledged when Gold Awards are achieved and announced at assembly on Monday mornings.

In an attempt to boost the interest and results of students in mathematics, we are asking all parents and guardians to encourage the use of Mathletics at home and school. All students are also welcome to ICT club, which is another avenue for them to practice their mathematical skills.


Maths 2016 Term 3 Week 3


Last Saturday May 28th, Emma Walsh (Year 4), Stacey Powell (Year F) and Debra Armstrong (Numeracy Coach) spent the day at ACU (Australian Catholic University) in the city at a Professional Learning day on mathematics. These three teachers split up and attended 3 separate seminars.


Ms Powell could not stop talking about beads, counting and number sense! I guess we are going to see some new initiatives in the Early Years implementing what she has learnt. Ms Walsh was all enthusiastic about differentiation and some new ideas that she thought could be shared with all year levels and Ms Armstrong was enlightened with some new ideas she learnt relating to fractions.

These three teachers will share their knowledge with the whole staff in a maths professional development night next term which will be a real benefit for all and we thank these staff members for giving up their weekend to learn about and develop mathematics at Whittlesea Primary School.


Maths – 2016 Term 3 Week 2

There have been some exciting initiatives happening recently in the maths world for Whittlesea Primary School and we thought it would be great to share a few things with you.
Last Tuesday night Debra Armstrong, our Numeracy Coach, held a mathematics information session from 6.30pm-8pm, where she touched on some important mathematical concepts in the primary years of education. The session was particularly well-received and all who attended left with some valuable information about how to assist their children at home. Michelle Weber was in attendance and was pleased to note her experience.

“I would like to sincerely note my appreciation to Debra Armstrong and Ty Hoggins for the very informative Maths Parent Information Night. Debra’s enthusiasm was infectious and a lot was covered in the time allocated. I learnt a lot of useful strategies to use with my preppy and was really happy to learn now and not further down the track that my grade 4 and I need to work on her times tables! If this evening were offered again next year I would attend. Hopefully word of mouth would encourage more parents to attend.”


Another valuable learning experience will happen for three teachers in our school this week. As part of their commitment to learning and development, Debra Armstrong, Stacey Powell and Emma Walsh will attend a Mathematics Conference held at the Australian Catholic University this Saturday the 28th of May. They will explore ideas and link experiences to mathematical concepts among many other things and will share this information with the whole staff later in the year. This professional development will be a real benefit for all and we thank these staff members for giving up their weekend to learn and develop mathematics at Whittlesea Primary School.

Maths – 2016 Term 3 Week 1

This is a new space that will appear from time to time in our Whittlesea Primary Post.

Here we will share news about what is happening in Mathematics at Whittlesea Primary.

Our first news item is to announce that we will be holding a Maths Parent Information Night.

This will be a general session discovering the essentials necessary for developing strong foundations in mathematics and suggesting ways in which you can assist your child at home to further develop these skills.

This session would be most suitable for parents of students in Years Foundation to Year 4.

  • DATE: Tuesday May 17
  • TIME: 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start. Finishing at 8.00pm
  • WHERE: Early Years Learning Centre

Please complete the form below and return it to your child’s teacher by Monday 16th May 2016
if you would like to attend. No children to this session please. If you have any questions please contact Debra Armstrong (Numeracy Coach).