ICT Club has been operating in our school for a very long time now. Students can go to the library at first break every day and participate in playing interactive games on computers and iPads. ICT club has also provided opportunities for students to participate in Mathletics activities.

Mathletics is a great resource for students, allowing them to participate in challenging and engaging mathematics activities. The program on Mathletics is designed to suit the individual needs of students and offers differentiated tasks that can be set by teachers. Students complete the tasks and see their results, improved results are rewarded through a certificate system, encouraging students to keep completing more tasks. Research indicates that students who complete the online tasks in Mathletics at their level make significant gains in their achievement. Exceptional efforts of students are acknowledged when Gold Awards are achieved and announced at assembly on Monday mornings.

In an attempt to boost the interest and results of students in mathematics, we are asking all parents and guardians to encourage the use of Mathletics at home and school. All students are also welcome to ICT club, which is another avenue for them to practice their mathematical skills.