There have been some exciting initiatives happening recently in the maths world for Whittlesea Primary School and we thought it would be great to share a few things with you.
Last Tuesday night Debra Armstrong, our Numeracy Coach, held a mathematics information session from 6.30pm-8pm, where she touched on some important mathematical concepts in the primary years of education. The session was particularly well-received and all who attended left with some valuable information about how to assist their children at home. Michelle Weber was in attendance and was pleased to note her experience.

“I would like to sincerely note my appreciation to Debra Armstrong and Ty Hoggins for the very informative Maths Parent Information Night. Debra’s enthusiasm was infectious and a lot was covered in the time allocated. I learnt a lot of useful strategies to use with my preppy and was really happy to learn now and not further down the track that my grade 4 and I need to work on her times tables! If this evening were offered again next year I would attend. Hopefully word of mouth would encourage more parents to attend.”


Another valuable learning experience will happen for three teachers in our school this week. As part of their commitment to learning and development, Debra Armstrong, Stacey Powell and Emma Walsh will attend a Mathematics Conference held at the Australian Catholic University this Saturday the 28th of May. They will explore ideas and link experiences to mathematical concepts among many other things and will share this information with the whole staff later in the year. This professional development will be a real benefit for all and we thank these staff members for giving up their weekend to learn and develop mathematics at Whittlesea Primary School.