Maths Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners this week of the WPS Maths Competition!

This is our last week of our Maths Competition. Congratulations to all of our entrants over the past 5 weeks, you have all demonstrated some amazing learning!


Foundation: Thomas Habib     Year 1/2   Harrison Pentland

Year 1/2 (last week) Lara Parker   Coe     Year 5/6 No winner

Year 3/4 Braedon Aponso and Sophie Coe

Maths at home over the holidays

I encourage families to be mindful of maths in every day life and to embrace all opportunities to practise maths skills over the holidays. Have fun!!


Board games and Card games:- practice adding on, following rules and strategic thinking. Backgammon has been popular at school lately and requires adding two dice!!

Cooking and gardening:- using lots of measuring and reading of measurements on various tools and scales.

Time: Reading analogue and digital clocks. Reading timetables and calculating elapsed time. eg how long a movie goes for or how long the train will take, etc.

If you are traveling compare time zones and look at 24 hour time.

Puzzles:- jigsaws, tangrams, Sudoku

Money:- adding up money, calculating change and % discounts. If you are going overseas compare foreign currency and work out exchange rates and money equivalence in both currencies.