Our school is continuing to work towards becoming an eSmart school, promoting respectful behaviours – both on and offline – to reduce bullying and cyberbullying.

Digital Reputation

Digital reputation is defined by the online behaviours and the content we post about ourselves and others. Tagged photos, blog posts and social networking interactions all shape how we are perceived by others online and offline, both now and in the future.

A poor digital reputation can affect friendships, relationships and even job prospects, so it is very important that we are aware of how our actions online can affect ourselves as well as others. Once information is online, it can be very difficult to remove. Posts and photos that we post can also be misinterpreted, or even shared by others without us knowing.

You can find more information about digital reputation on the Australian Government eSafety website: https://esafety.gov.au/

Matthew Dunstone

ICT Leader and eSmart Coordinator