Our school is continuing to work towards becoming an eSmart school, promoting respectful behaviours – both on and offline – to reduce bullying and cyberbullying.

What games, apps and social networking sites are your children using?

It can be hard to keep track of the games, apps and social networking sites children are using in the ever-changing online environment. There are new apps and sites being released all the time and it often does not take long for children to familiarise themselves with their uses and features. So how can parents possibly keep track of what their children are using in regards to these resources?

The Australian Government eSafety website has a page dedicated to informing parents and carers about the games, apps and social networking sites that are currently popular amongst school-age children. The page is organised in alphabetical order and on it you can find a short video explaining popular social media sites, ‘How to guides’ and more information about specific games, apps and sites your children may be using.


You can find the Games, Apps and Social Networking page at: https://www.esafety.gov.au/esafety-information/games-apps-and-social-networking

Matthew Dunstone
ICT Leader and eSmart Coordinator