Whittlesea Primary School recognises the importance of becoming a sustainable school for the benefit of the planet’s environmental health. By bringing environmental awareness to our students, we hope to empower our learners to create a more sustainable future.

Each year Whittlesea Primary School take part in the following initiatives:

  • Clean Up Australia Day/Week
  • National Ride2school Day

Clean Up Australia Day/Week

National Ride2school Day

Check out our School Newsletter for monthly updates on sustainability news including current projects and events! 

Current and completed Sustainability Projects at Whittlesea Primary School

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

The Whittlesea Primary School became a ‘community’ collection point for this recycling initiative. Bread tags are collected nationally in Australia. The tags are donated to a South Australian company that recycle them back into homewares, and in turn donate funds to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged people in South Africa. Find out more here

Indigenous Learning Space

In 2020, the environmental committee secured a grant to reinvigorate an area of the school that had deteriorated over the years. The focus was on the revegetation of native indigenous plants and providing indigenous educational points of interest, to acknowledge the traditional landowners. This space was designed to allow children to explore, enjoy and learn.

SWEP Program

Whittlesea Primary School are part of the ‘Schools Water Efficiency Program’, this program provides data logs to schools to continue the education and demonstration of water efficiency in practice. This program monitors water usage and can highlight any abnormal usages. Since the installation of this device, the school has been able to identify several leaks and quickly fix the issues to ensure the least amount of water is lost.

Stephanie Alexandra Kitchen Garden

In 2017 Whittlesea Primary School established the schools ‘Stephanie Alexandra Kitchen Garden’. This has allowed students to be educated on where their food comes from, the process involved in establishing and maintaining a healthy edible garden and the joy of being able to enjoy what they grow. (You may want a photo with kids in it…)

Community Lemon Tree Project

Whittlesea Primary School were proud to support and be involved in the community ‘Lemon Tree Project’ (Corner of Walnut & James St). This edible garden allows community members to share food resources and come together to maintain this area. This area now boasts an abundance of herbs & fruit for the community to enjoy.
(Please replace this stock picture with a photo of the garden)

Solar Power

Solar power systems are installed in the school to offset energy requirements, allowing the school to use saving to provide additional educational opportunities for the students. (Please replace this stock picture with a photo of the panels if possible)