Careers Program

Careers Electives

The ‘Careers Elective’ program for Years 3 – 6 commences in second semester every year. This program is an opportunity to present a variety of experiences to our students, showing them that a number of career options are available in their future. Our aim is not to help students decide on a career at such a young age, but to give them a ‘taster’ where they can experience firsthand the possibilities of a variety of employment fields.

Some of the experiences offered in the past have included:

  • Mechanics
  • Architecture
  • Performing arts
  • Trade skills including carpentry
  • Fashion and clothing manufacturing
  • Science based careers including forensics


In 2014 students have selected from careers such as:

  • Patisserie Chef
  • Personal Trainer
  • Computer Programmer


For the full list, please view our Prezi which was presented to students to support them in choosing an elective.

Latest research suggests that today’s students, who will form tomorrow’s workforce, will move through a range of careers and employers. They will work in industries that didn’t exist maybe 5, 10 or 20 years ago and perform tasks that require developed skills in problem solving, innovation and creativity. A primary example of this is game design and in particular mobile applications. Only 10 years ago, applications for mobile phones were only ideas on a whiteboard. Today, studios employee teams of graphic designers, game designers and computer programmers to create games and applications. These businesses have multimillion dollar turnovers, with the interactive games industry as a whole producing $1.5 billion in Australia alone in 2011.

Outside of the technology sector, consider jobs in the areas of sustainability or sports coaching and management. Our aim with this program is to provide experiences in a range of careers, new and old, that draw on a range of skills.